Vegetable Assassin

Transforming the world's favorite mobile game into an immersive real-world experience.

About the Project

Have you ever wanted to feel like a real ninja, fighting off baddies with your katana? Go back in time and fight off the vegetables that your parents keep trying to feed you. But beware, there are some fruits that you don't want to slice!

Vegetables, not fruits

It's time to take on the true villains of the food pyramid: vegetables. These disgusting atrocities must be sent back to the dark realm. We need your help, Assassin.

Play with Friends

Connect a second sword and play a co-op game of Vegetable Assassin together! Just don't get too mad if your friend keeps hitting the fruits.

Variable Difficulty

Are you a bad assassin? Are you too good of an assassin? Now you can adjust the game to your liking by changing the difficulty at the start of the game!

Play Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, play Vegetable Assassin by just loading the website and connecting your sword to the internet! It's that easy!